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Disability Claims and Insurance Disputes

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Insurance Claims DisputeMany people have disability insurance policies through their employment, or purchase disability insurance privately.  The purpose of these policies is to protect people who become injured or disabled.  The policies typically provide “long term disability” (“LTD”) benefits and medical and rehabilitation benefits

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Like most other areas of law, personal injury and accident law has become increasingly complex with new legislation.  Although the PIAG website does not provide legal advice, it does provide you with general information about personal injury claims. If you are in the Brockville and Cornwall areas - We will review your FREE CASE EVALUATION and contact you with results and next steps to the information you have provided.  If it looks as though you might benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer, we can arrange for a personal injury lawyer or someone from the lawyer's office to call you to discuss your personal injury claim.

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Injury Lawyers of Brockville OntarioNot every type of injury falls neatly into one of the claims already discussed in this website.  For example, if you are the victim of an assault you may be entitled to sue those responsible for the assault.  A common example is a claim against a bouncer and tavern if you were injured by the bouncer.

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